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Meeting 10/06/15

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Meeting 10/06/15

Post by Tilgo on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:17 am

For those of you who missed the meeting - here are some notes we discussed.


  • Plain and simple - inactivity will result in demotion/kick.
  • The raid team MUST ATTEND every mandatory raid whether they sign up or not - unless they have a valid excuse as to why they cannot attend.
  • Gbank repairs will be cut if people don't start attending HC Dungeons - it's only 7 a week, come on guys.
  • If you sign up, SHOW UP. Disciplinary action is coming into play.

Meladan suggested an event in which we learn more about lore by witnessing it in-game! Sign up for his event if you are interested.

The giveaway is in 2 weeks and now works on a /roll system. Active members need only apply.

We are still looking for a good PvP chief!


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