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News 15/12/15

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News 15/12/15

Post by Tilgo on Tue Dec 15, 2015 2:46 pm

10 days until Christmas, what is this madness?

Firstly, I am working on making the text you type in 'Quick Reply' more visible. In the meantime, please use the 'Post Reply' button for a more visible text box.


  • We are starting to raid again! Sign up to HFC Normal on MONDAY!
  • We'll be re-assembling the Core Raid Team early January.
  • We are looking for a new chief, since Ben was recently promoted to Master.
  • There is a Christmas meeting 22/12/15 - giftgiving will be taking place!
  • We are back full time, mainly focusing on recruitment at the moment.
  • I love you all.

Please attend the meeting next week to receive a full briefing on our intentions for Jinx in the coming months.



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